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The Oboe with Wings also makes presentations solo of diverse musical sorts.

iago Marques also has experience as a composer and can make arrangements and compositions for your project.

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In the orchestral context Tiago Marques has worked with Michael Zilm, Luiz Fernando Malheiro, Geraldo Junior, Pedro Neves, Brian Schembri, Reinaldo Guerreiro, Lorin Maazel among others. He collaborated in Portugal with the Lisbon Metropolitan Orchestra, the Portuguese Symphony Orchestra, the Center Classic Orchestra, the Sintra Orchestra and the Cascais Orchestra and in Brazil with the São Pedro Theatro Orchestra and with the Sao Caetano Philharmonic Orchestra where he held the position of solo oboe.

He was a founding member of the Tom ¼ Wind Quintet, the Orbis Odaf Quartet and the "Machinists" fusion ensemble that combined classical music with electronic music for which he also collaborated as a composer and arranger.

He was also professor of oboe, ensemble class and the Orchestra of Winds of the Alentejo Coast at the School of Arts of Sines

In São Paulo, he participated in the Free Improvisation Circuit of São Paulo, performing at different stages such as Centro Cultural Sao Paulo, Trackers, Red Bull Station, Fita-Crepe studio, among others.


He also took part in the musical show "The Man of La Mancha", directed by Miguel Falabella, participated as guest musician of shows of Joana Reais, gave a presentation at the museum Guilherme de Almeida with a Duo of Piano and Oboe playing Choro.

He was part of the "Toró Instrumental" group, a band of songwriting that combines Brazilian rhythms with American sounds, participating in the recording of the group's first album and several shows in the city and surrounding areas, and participated in the recording of the Rafael Thomaz Septeto CD and the opening of the 5th STRANGE MUSIC FESTIVAL with the band "Culto ao Rim".

Already in the Azores, he participated in the concert for the release of the Bruma Project CD at the Teatro Faialense.

At the moment it also acts like improviser in concertos to solo where alia the oboe to electronic resources.

Tiago began studying the oboe in Portugal at the Center for Artistic Formation of the Gualdim Pais Philharmonic Society with Professor Andrew Swinnertoon and Linda Carina and continued his studies with Hristo Kasmetski and Andrew Swinnerton until his graduation. He participated in several oboe masterclasses with François Leleux Hansjorg Schellenberger, Thomas Indermühle, Alex Klein, David Walter, Ricardo Lopes, Heinz Holliger and Ricardo Barbosa.